Using Essential Oils Safely BASICS

from Beginner to Confident User

Become empowered as you journey from a beginner to a confident user of essential oils...

Understand how essential oils work for as little as ten minutes a day, and begin to use this information to make essential oils more effective - no matter which brand you choose to use.

Learn what essential oil to use, when to use it, how much, and how often...

The #1 complaint of essential oil users is that they don't know what essential oil they need for a given situation. This course will teach you which essential oils you need for what situation, and how to best use it. 

Access the knowledge you need, without hefty certification costs. Start your essential oil journey on the right foot - no previous knowledge required!

Lea will pour into you week after week as she teaches from her own experience and education what businesses typically pay thousands for - at a fraction of the cost.

Hello! I'm Lea Jacobson...

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

I graduated from Aromahead Institute's Scholar's Program six years ago earning this title after more than 400 hours of study. I've gone on to study under Robert Tisserand, graduating from his advanced courses. I am a research addict and never stop learning.


Expert Essential Oil Blend Formulator

After discovering most essential oil blends on the market are not only expensive, but often contain at least one or more essential oils not safe for kids (or people in genera!), I decided to create my own. Over the years I have created custom safe and effective essential oil recipes for essential oil users across the globe with excellent results - and I want to share with you just how I do it!


Creator of the 6-Step Blending Method for Success

Let me teach you my successful 6-step blending method so your blends contain only the best essential oils for the health issue in mind, with no filler essential oils and no safety issues!




(April 1-7) MODULE 1: Before You Blend, Part 1 - What Are Essential Oils?

  • What are essential oils?
  • What are essential oils created from?
  • How are essential oils created?
  • Determining essential oil quality
  • What are constituents?
  • Constituents with caution.
  • What are notes?
  • Notes and blending.

(April 8-14) MODULE 2: Before You Blend, Parts 2 & 3 - Learning About Inhalation Methods & Common Inhalation Questions

  • What is inhalation?
  • What are the different ways one can inhale?
  • Situations where inhalation is ideal.
  • Incense Sticks
  • Tea Light/Candle Burners
  • Pad diffusers
  • Water based electronic diffusers
  • Nebulizers
  • DIY
  • Chart comparing diffuser options and notes on the above lessons
  • Why isn't my diffuser working?
  • What is a personal inhaler?
  • How many drops do I add to a personal inhaler?
  • How do I use a personal inhaler?
  • You mean diffuser jewelry exists?
  • Can you over-do inhalation?
  • ​If you don't have a sense of smell, are EOs still effective?
  • ​When should I not inhale?
  • What is the difference between a vaping stick and a personal inhaler?
  • How do I do a steam inhalation?

(April 15-21) MODULE 3: Before You Blend, Part 4 - Using Your Blends Topically

  • When do I apply topically?
  • What do I apply?
  • How much do I apply?
  • Carriers
  • What carriers not to use.
  • ​Types of carriers.
  • Best carriers.
  • Carriers summary.
  • How often do I apply?
  • Can you over-do topical use?
  • Using pre-diluted essential oils.
  • ​BONUS: What about feet?

(April 22-28) MODULE 4: Lea’s Blending Formula Revealed - Now You're Ready to Create Custom Blends!  

  • Lea's 6 step method to creating a blend
  • Step 1...
  • Step 2...
  • Step 3...
  • Step 4...
  • Step 5...
  • Step 6...
  • BONUS: Considerations for topical max dilutions

BONUSES: Chemical Families + Shelf Life of Your Blends


This schedule allows for you to pace yourself and avoid feeling overwhelmed.


"This course was very informative yet not intimidating for a beginner like me. I learned so much and I feel more empowered to safely care for my family using essential oils to compliment and enhance what I've already been doing. I highly recommend taking this course. Lea spells out the safety guidelines for using oils very clearly. Worth every penny." - Ashley


4 Weeks Worth of Video Lessons (including BONUS modules and Lea's blending formula) Expertly Taught by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Lea Jacobson

Downloadable PDF Notes, Charts, and Printables

Access to PRIVATE Facebook Coaching Group

Certificate of Completion

"Essential Oil Safety Advocate" title with passing score of optional exam

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To recap, your enrollment in the April 2019 BASICS course gives you:

  • 4 weeks of lessons
  • Video walk-throughs for each lesson
  • Printer-friendly PDF notes, charts, and printables you can access on any device 
  • Completion Certificate when you finish
  • Essential Oil Safety Advocate Certificate ​proves to the world you know your stuff!
  • Membership to a private community with other students and weekly prompts 
  • Lifetime access so you can finish at your own pace!

Class begins April 1st. Enrollment open until 3/30:  $197 USD 

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Stop wasting money time searching on google for the answers to serious questions which affects the health of your family...


Is this you? You have tried saving money by doing your own research. While this is responsible when looking for a reliable appliance or a dinner recipe, when it comes to essential oils there is more unsafe information out there than there is safe educational resources. You have probably already recognized this and are feeling overwhelmed and confused.


Let me help! You can now learn directly from the expert, in a well-organized course that eliminates doubt and confusion and replaces it with confidence and joy. Learn only safe and reliable information, no myths and pseudo-science, graduating with the knowledge you are helping your family, not hurting it! 



You will be added to a private facebook group where Lea will interact with you daily and go LIVE all four weeks to answer your questions. 


PLUS you'll get Lea's entire Digital Resource Library!


This includes Evernote notebook access to all course notes and downloadables for easy keyword searching - $99 value!

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90 safety labels to print and wrap around any brand or size essential oil bottle you have.

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Class begins April 1st. Enrollment open until 3/30:   $297 USD  

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Are you with a company who doesn't provide its own safety recommendations? This class is for you!



Get the edge you need over your competitors by offering safe and effective recommendations to your customers. You don't want a customer having an adverse reaction and it falling back on you. Know the safety of the essential oils you sell! Annnnd, the cost of this class is a tax write-off for you! :)


The modules are nice and short which is great. I feel smaller chunks are more easily absorbed and retained. The videos and printables make it easy to learn each lesson. Doing the prequiz before each module is eye opening when comparing scores after completing the module. Definitely worth every penny! Thanks for another great course!


I felt a little intimidated at first but Lea has a knack of making the course easy to understand - the formatting & notes on Evernote, the course notes, the personal question and answer segments, really made for an enjoyable learning experience. Lea, you are a patient and knowledgeable teacher.


 The course was full of information that was presented in a clear and concise way. It made me rethink a few things and investigate more about certain subjects. Would recommend this course to anyone interested in using essential oils


I love how everything is broken up and easy to understand. I love the printouts! The information is wonderful!


You are helping a lot of people with your authentic, helpful nature. It makes it so much easier to learn because you are so genuine! I learn something new every day!




This is for you if you want to learn the basics about essential oils so you can safely use them for yourselves, your families, and your friends. This is also for people who want to become certified, but don't want the time and cost commitment.



This is not for you if you want an official certification course. Although you will get a certificate of completion, you won't be a certified aromatherapist.


If you knew what I charge to consult, you may be wondering why the low price? It's easy: because I want this information accessible to everyone. There is way too much mis-information out there - in fact downright unsafe and scary info! You deserve to be empowered with knowledge to use essential oils safely, and then branch out to create custom blends which actually work!


There is no shortcut. You can waste endless hours browsing google, and still end up confused with all the conflicting information. Ask me how I know! The only TRUE shortcut is knowing what to do and when to do it.


Yes! I know life happens. I want you to be able to come and go as life allows, with forever access to the videos and files you purchased.


Then this is perfect for you! 



You can go at your own pace, as fast or slow as you'd like - no worries!

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